We all have a handful of recipes- family favorites- that are endlessly satisfying and perennially popular with our loved ones. They deliver comfort, familiarity and a reminder that the good days are to be savored, and the tough days offer the promise of better days ahead.

And if you’re a wine lover, your handful of favorite recipes are matched by a list of equally memorable wines. And by “memorable”, we don’t mean exclusively precious, trendy or expensive bottlings whose qualities may well shift with the winds of economics or fashion. Indeed, your favorite wines are as rooted in memory, tradition and identity as those treasured recipes. And isn’t that the very definition of priceless? You may forget the wine or the meal, but you always remember everyone who was at the table.

What we at The Falls Wine Room aim to do is provide the confidence and good advice necessary for you to build or grow your own list of memorable wines. Whether it be a $7 Tuesday night standby, or a $700 tribute to your mastery of standing rib roast, we treat each bottle in our selection with the same respect. Every single one is sustainably grown and vinified by artisans, bottled with a minimum of mechanical intervention, fining or filtration and shipped to us directly from cellar under strict temperature control. And most important: we hold every single bottle in our inventory at the constant and perfect cellar temperature of 56 degrees, ensuring you experience each one of our selections in the condition in which the artisans who vinified it hoped it would be enjoyed.

So welcome to our chilly little wine room. And we’ll give you a nice, warm fleece if you want to hang out for a bit. And if you can’t make it in, we’re happy to deliver locally or ship to all approved states.